At Stone King, we are passionate about improving access to the legal profession. We have an Early Careers Group who focus on outreach, with a particular emphasis on those groups currently underrepresented within the legal sector.

We partner with diversity specialists Bright Network when recruiting for our graduate Insight Scheme and for our trainee and apprentice solicitor roles.

Over the last year, we have also partnered with Tutors United (a charity providing primary-aged children from low-income backgrounds with small group tuition) to support their undergraduate tutors in exploring a legal career. The tutors closely match the demographic of the pupils Tutors United (TU) work with, with over 75% identifying as Black or Asian, and the majority being from low-income backgrounds. We are assisting TU in recruiting their tutors by providing volunteer interviewers and contributing to their employability programme, which aims to provide each cohort of tutors with knowledge of different work sectors and transferable soft skills. We have also retained a number of places on our Insight Scheme for TU Tutors with an interest in law.

As an employer, we participate in the 10,000 Black Interns scheme, a project placing talented Black students and graduates in high quality, paid internships.

We also work with BPP as part of their Reverse Mentoring Scheme, which pairs student mentors with law firms and allows for meaningful review of DE&I strategy and initiatives, with the aim of improving accessibility to the profession and driving change. Over the last year, we have also partnered with Anglia Ruskin University to provide work placements to undergraduate students as part of their degrees. These placements are brokered by the university and take place within teaching time, ensuring they are accessible and inclusive.

Stone King is also part of the West of England Legal Early Careers Network, a collective of law firms in the South West, working together to ensure every Year 10 at state schools in Bristol and Bath has access to a week of meaningful work experience in the legal sector.

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