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4th December 2019

Whilst speaking about social finance opportunities at a charity event some years ago, a member of the audience suggested that social finance and social enterprises would be the downfall of grant funding and ultimately charities. Whilst this prediction is not proving true, it is topical.

19th November 2019

Legal structure should not drive the big decisions about your social enterprise but it is an important consideration.

12th November 2019

In our social finance work we often talk about promoting innovation and delivering public benefit through partnerships, for example between public sector suppliers, commissioners, investors and communities – but what do we mean by all of this?

22nd October 2019

In a guest blog, Tej Dhami, Managing Director of The Change Coefficient, looks at how a change in the approach to funding could help social enterprises deliver on their potential. Stone King is collaborating on this topic with The Change Coefficient and other partners.

8th October 2019

Charities and social enterprises are increasingly turning to borrowings in order to further their objects and to better delivery of their chosen impact. Equally there is an increasing capacity and willingness from high street banks and social lenders to make facilities available to this sector.

24th September 2019

Public and community services are in need of re-imagination.

10th September 2019

Civitas Social Housing PLC (Civitas) is the first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) dedicated to investing in social housing in England and Wales.

27th August 2019
Stone King’s response to the Treasury’s Consultation on Social Investment Tax Relief

HM Treasury has recently closed its consultation on social investment tax relief (SITR).

13th August 2019

The Future 20 is an exciting initiative launched by Allia Future Business Centres together with a range of partners, including Stone King.

30th July 2019

In her post entitled “What is Social Finance?” , Tamsin introduced the concept of social finance and outlined the four key categories in which we can see social finance at work: public sector commissioning, asset locked social enterprises,


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