E3M Alchemy initiative showcases benefits of social enterprise to Local Authorities

How can social enterprises support local authorities and public service providers? The E3M Alchemy process is an initiative to help these bodies explore possible partnerships with social enterprises and understand how these could help them tackle urgent local issues.

Stone King’s Julian Blake, Tamsin Eastwood and Nicole Reed helped to facilitate E3M’s most recent Alchemy event, which was held in Gainsborough in July 2019. Discussions focused on a number of themes including mental health, the development of a social enterprise eco-system and housing, among others. Hearing so many differing ideas and approaches from a range of experienced individuals seemed to open up the possibilities and present a different way of thinking about the critical issues faced by the local authority.

Alchemy events bring together stakeholders including social investors, members of the local voluntary sector, local authority colleagues from a range of departments and representatives from mature social enterprises to tackle critical issues faced by the local authority. They provide an opportunity and space for inspiration, a fresh perspective, and to make connections across existing local networks as well as new ones. They are also fascinating events to be a part of.

Thanks to Gainsborough Town Council and West Lindsey District Council for inviting us and engaging in the event with such enthusiasm - we look forward to seeing what comes next!

For more details about E3M Alchemy, please contact Julian Blake.

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