Growing the New Economy Convention 12 February 2020

Stone King is proud to partner with E3M and others to present the Growing the New Economy Convention in Oldham on 12 February 2020.

The event is bringing together the different perspectives of co-operatives, social enterprises and social finance providers to focus on place-based innovation, and inspiring ideas for local public service delivery. 

Participants including representatives from Co-operatives UK, Key Fund, Social Enterprise UK, Connect Fund, Locality, the Centre for Local Economic Strategies, Power to Change, Community Leisure UK, the Co-operative Councils Innovation Network and Co-op, and delegates from across the UK, who might all approach the question of local economic development from different viewpoints, will come together to focus on collaboration, partnership and knowledge sharing. 

The convention aims to foster networks and links across the co-operative, social enterprise and funding spheres, to initiate new relationships and facilitate the development of inclusive economic growth.

With such a range of experts, experience and viewpoints all in one place, the event will cover much ground and we will reflect on the key themes, discussion points and outcomes in the weeks following the convention - look out for our future blog posts on this.

If you’re interested to know more about the convention, or would like to attend, please follow the link for more details and to book.

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