How relationship building is helping local communities

Catch22 is a social business – a not-for-profit business with a social mission – combining a charity ethos with the mindset of a business.

This is important. After all how much further can social enterprises grow and achieve their aims if they harness a business-like approach?

That approach includes building strong relationships with commissioners and collaborators, sharing ideas and best practice and bringing about worthwhile change.

This relationship building is at the heart of Catch22’s ethos, beginning with making sure partnerships with commissioners and collaborators are on firm foundations.

This bold approach enables it to co-design and co-deliver high quality public services for communities all over the UK.

Catch22 currently works with over 80 local authorities as well as police and crime commissioners, CCGs and central Government and its network of services span the country.

“The current climate is forcing us to step outside of our traditional ‘partner’ roles, to reduce silos and focus on how we can achieve more together,” explains Catch22’s Chief Executive Chris Wright.

“We know this kind of partnering is not always easy. It can be messy, timely and require flex and compromise. But that is the point. That is the realism, honesty and rigor needed to catalyse real change in our communities.”

It is this holistic approach that allows Catch22 to really make a difference to those who haven’t had the best start in life.

For example a young person named Rachel*, in care due to strong evidence suggesting she was being sexually exploited by a number of men.

The work needed to keep Rachel safe was extensive, with a Catch22 case worker putting in place a package of support with a vital multi-agency approach.

The social business has also worked with Susan*, a mother of two teenagers, whose alcohol problems were causing significant problems for herself and her family.

She was at risk of losing her home due to rent arrears and also unable to parent effectively but, over time, work with Catch22 has seen some significant changes.

Susan is now working full-time, her children are doing much better in school and associated anti-social behaviour has ceased.

The work that Catch22 does can take time, but has benefits for future generations too.

And that is priceless.

*Rachel and Susan are pseudonyms.

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