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On Wednesday 22 May, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that the general election will take place on 4 July. The Conservative Manifesto, Labour Manifesto and Liberal Democrat Manifesto, have now all been published, and our experts have collated comparisons of each as they relate to schools, higher and further education, charities, faith-based organisations and businesses, as well as property and family law. These responses can be found in the sub-sections below.

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Electoral Law Forum

Stone King is proud to be a Founding Member of the Electoral Law Forum and sits on the Steering Committee. Members of the Electoral Law Forum act for a wide range of parties, candidates, electoral administrators and non-party campaigners and is strictly apolitical and non-partisan.

We have created this election hub to keep individuals and organisations up to date on the latest news, insights and developments relating to the general election, and to share useful insights from relevant organisations.

For example, the Confederation of School Trusts has published a piece on ‘Rebuilding the resilience of our school system’, the Association of Colleges has commented on the manifestos in ‘Manifestos: post-16 education and skills policies’, NCVO has put together a piece on ‘What the general election manifestos mean for the voluntary sector’, and the Directory of Social Change has published its ‘Manifesto Mashup!’.