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Naturally, since most of the property law in England and Wales relates to property in England and Wales and originates from England and Wales, the impact of Brexit on property law is low.  Impact on the property market is a different matter, but we will leave commentary on that to the surveyors.

There are, of course, changes to funding for some (such as those in the agricultural sector), and there may be subsequent changes to property legislation if laws that have come from the EU are repealed or amended in due course – areas that may most likely see some change are those connected with energy and the environment.

So, it seems that Brexit will, at least in the short term, have very little impact on property law. However, if your organisation is engaged or embarking on a construction project, you will need to be aware that this area will be affected by Brexit. For example, you should seek advice on fluctuations clauses, deleterious materials, warranties, due diligence; public procurement; importing and exporting products and materials; supply of labour and the impact of changes to the law regarding immigration and sponsorship licences, and how this may affect timings and completion of the project; as well as liability for workers. If you have any questions regarding any of these areas please get in touch with Chris Sharpe.