Care Quality Commission produces guidance on secret filming in care homes

Most of us and our relatives now live longer, and will rely upon the care of a third party, whether this is by a relative in their own home, or in a hospital or a care home. Unfortunately, not all the care that will be provided to us or our relatives will be to the standard that we ought to expect. If this is the position, then the question that arises for the relatives is how can that poor care can be documented, evidenced and hopefully challenged.

Recent documentaries aired on British TV have shown the vulnerable and the elderly receiving care which is below the standard that they ought to expect. Much of the filming of that care was undertaken by way of hidden cameras by film crews and family members. The concern is that this is likely to become a common practice and as such the gathering of evidence of poor care needs to be regulated. The Care Quality Commission has produced a pamphlet that sets out what relatives in England need to consider if they are deciding to take that course of action. The CQC have produced an eleven page document which provides guidance to relatives and those providing care as to how information can be collated and reported about substandard or inappropriate care.

For more information in relation to the CQC guidance and the report, we would direct you to the BBC article at

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