Date updated:

Throughout the pandemic, the Charity Commission has maintained a flexible approach in relation to charities holding electronic or hybrid meetings, or postponing or cancelling required meetings such as AGMs, even where their governing documents would not allow this. This flexibility was extended provided that trustees could show their decision was in the best interests of the charity in the circumstances. This stance has enabled trustees to continue to meet and make decisions to move their charity forward throughout these difficult times.

However, as restrictions have eased, the Commission has announced that from 21 April 2022, it will no longer take this flexible approach towards how charities hold, postpone or cancel required meetings. 

Trustees should check what is allowed within their charity’s governing documents. If they wish to hold meetings in a way that is not allowed within the governing documents, they will need to amend them. This may include trustees having to meet in person to approve the changes. 

Depending on the type of charity, the process may vary. Stone King’s charity team can provide guidance and support if you wish to amend your charity’s governing documents.

The Commission provides more information here for changing the governing documents for unincorporated charities and charitable companies, and here for CIOs.