Coronavirus (COVID-19) Remote provision of education and welfare considerations for schools

Remote provision of education requires careful consideration of how a school will continue to meet its safeguarding and welfare obligations to pupils. Schools should factor this into their contingency plans and risk assessments, when reviewing the provision of teaching and learning remotely and in terms of their pastoral care to pupils.

Online teaching and learning (be this by way of online “live” webinars or pre-recorded sessions, for example) should be age and content appropriate, respect the privacy of the pupil and their families at home, and reflect the pupil cohort and the needs of any vulnerable pupils (including those with SEND). Consideration should also be given to any risks arising from the format of the remote provision, for instance to minimise the risks of the children being visible to others, or any arrangements with only one pupil. Consideration should be given to alternative options for pupils whose situation make joining certain types of lesson difficult, or whose learning needs are incompatible with this type of provision.

Wider safeguarding considerations

School designated safeguarding leads should identify any children who may not attend, and who are in need of additional support and strategies to promote their safety and well-being when not at school. Strategies (which might include regular check-ins, and ensuring pupils know where to access and who to contact for support) should be embedded in the school’s strategy and reflected in individual risk assessments / plans.

For more information please see our separate, detailed safeguarding guidance in relation to Covid-19.

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