Gift Aid online for Charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (‘CASCs’)

Gift Aid online provides many benefits:

Speed of service
Claiming online is faster, can prevent delays and is cheaper as there are no postal costs. The new service will have built-in checks that will issue prompts about mistakes before you submit your claim and so reduce the amount of time spent with corrections.

Immediate acknowledgement of your claim
When you submit a claim using Charities Online, you will receive an on-screen confirmation reference number. You will also receive a separate confirmation when the payment is made into your bank account.

Easier record keeping 
All the donations for someone taking part in a sponsored event can be made as one entry under the name of that participant.
This means you don’t need to list every individual donor who sponsored the person. Only individual donations from a donor of £500 or more will need to be listed individually on the claim form.

£1,000 for aggregated donations 
The rules for aggregating Gift Aid donations will change for Charities Online allowing more samller donations to be added together. The current limit of £500 will be increased and claimants will be able to aggregate individual Gift Aid donations of £20, or less, up to a total of £1,000 per entry.

This will save time as it reduces the number of donations for which you have to provide details. You'll still need to keep details of all donations in case HMRC needs to check your claim. 

Easier to understand
The aim is to have forms and information which are easier to understand and make the process less of a challenge. 

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