Date updated: Friday 8th April 2022

Rebecca Eels, family lawyer and mediator at Stone King is trained in integrated family mediation methods.  This means she is able to combine many different approaches to help clients resolve their disputes effectively.  This may mean having  lawyers join some or all of the sessions, sometimes known as lawyer assisted mediation or hybrid mediation.  Alternatively, it may mean an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA), accountant, pension expert or independent social worker, joining one or more sessions to help participants make decisions.

Together we will decide on a mediation process that works for you and your family, this may mean having third parties involved for some or all of the process. We know that each family is different and so are any issues; we will work with you to carry out mediation in a way that fits your needs.

Why would I want my lawyer or other professionals to attend?

Lawyers can be very useful in the mediation process where one or both of the participants feel worried about their legal rights and feel that they would benefit from having advice during the sessions.  It can also be useful where there are complex issues or where clients feel that they would benefit from mediation taking place in a legally supported environment.

Neutral IFAs can be very useful when clients would benefit from some cash flow modelling support or feel that they need to understand the financial implications of what they are proposing.   A neutral IFA can receive before the session with the couple a summary of the issues that they need support on.

What cases would benefit from this approach?

This type of mediation model can be useful for both children and financial cases.  It isn’t about deciding whether a couple are suitable for this type of approach but rather about whether this type of mediation will enable them to reach decisions together amicably.  It is about looking at the issues and conflict they may have and considering whether third parties being in the process may assist them and their family.

Who will make the decision?

As is the case with all mediation, it is crucial that all participants understand that the decision-making rests very firmly with the couple.  This is an integral principle of family mediation and the mediator will explain that the core principles of mediation, voluntary, impartiality, confidentiality and decision-making resting with the couple remains.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the mediator will be the same regardless of whether other parties are involved or not.  There will thought be additional costs due to the third party which the clients will be responsible for.

For further information please contact Rebecca Eels.