Date updated: Wednesday 22nd May 2024

Father’s Day as with other special occasions, can sometimes be a cause of stress and tension for separated parents in trying to do the right thing. Difficulties can sometimes arise if Father’s Day falls on a day when the children are not with their Dad. It is always better as far as possible for parents to try to come to an amicable agreement around special days such as Father’s Day. Whilst it may cause some disruption to the current child arrangement plan, it is best to plan ahead so as to reduce conflict.

Top tips

  1. Consider whether there is an option to swap weekends or days so that the children can spend time with their Dad on Father’s Day. Alternatively, think about whether a Facetime, or other video call might work if swapping is not an option.

  2. Encourage your child to think about making a card or gift for their Dad. Although this might be hard, particularly if the separation is recent or things aren’t easy between the parents, it is positive for the children do to see that parents  are supportive of their relationship with you both.

  3. Try and take a break from social media as it can be sometimes be difficult to see other fathers enjoying spending time with their families. Remember that social media posts are not always a true reflection of what is going on in people’s life. 
  4. Try to have the consideration of your children at the forefront of your mind, as it can go a long way to let the children know that even though their parents may be separated, special days will still be important  for them.

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