Date updated: Tuesday 17th May 2022

The new Private Parking Code of Practice, laid before Parliament on 7 February 2022, specifies requirements for the operation and management of parking by private companies in England, Wales and Scotland. Operators will be expected to adhere to the Code by the close of 2023.

Whilst these are aimed at parking operators, any landowners with car parks will find it useful to be aware of this new Code, particularly because it sets out some requirements between parking operator and landowner and includes a sample notice from the landowner to the parking operator regarding the relationship between the two parties.

The Code

The Code sets out new rules on matters including the following:

  • The standards for signage on and around parking areas;
  • The appeal process following a penalty parking charge;
  • The presentation of penalty parking charges;
  • The equipment used by automated parking systems; and
  • The manner in which complaints are dealt with.  

Car Parking Issues

If you are a landowner and have any legal queries regarding the use of your estate, whether those are raised by car parking matters or not, please get in touch with Chris Sharpe, Partner at Stone King