As a religious organisation you may be eligible to sponsor workers to the UK. There are two possible routes:

  • Minister of Religion visa (T2) – for skilled, religious workers with an offer of a job within a faith community
  • Temporary Worker – Religious Worker visa (T5) – for temporary workers – preaching or working in a religious order.

To apply for a licence you must be a bona fide religious organisation, which:

  1. Must be registered, excepted or exempt as a UK charity in accordance with the law, or is an ecclesiastical corporation (corporation sole or body corporate) for charitable purposes; If you are a charity which is not registered, you must inform UKVI the reason for non-registration
  2. Holds a structure for a faith-based community. There must be a common system of belief and spiritual goals, codes of behaviour and religious practice, which exists to support and/or propagate common beliefs and practices. Beliefs must:
    1. include any religious belief or similar philosophical belief in something transcendental, metaphysical or ultimate; and
    2. leave out any philosophical or political belief concerned with man, unless that belief is similar to religious belief
  3. Is inclusive – not excluding on the basis of gender, nationality or ethnicity
  4. Is financially and materially supported by the congregation or community on a voluntary basis, without promise or coercion
  5. Acts lawfully, not breaching, or encouraging others to breach any UK legislation
  6. Does not work against the public interest, or has a detrimental effect on personal or family life in the UK.

Stone King is able to assist with your application. From recruitment and advising on the steps to be taken prior to submission of the licence application, to submission of the application and receiving a decision.