This service is designed for larger schools and MATS who are looking to add value to their organisations by using strategic HR. As you grow you might start thinking about how to attract and retain the best staff, how to reward those who perform well and how to plan for the future in line with your organisation’s overall strategy.

Strategic HR includes 22 hours* of support that can be used annually as you require on specific projects with a dedicated HR Consultant.

Examples of strategic HR projects include the following:

  • Training and development (including onsite training)
  • Attendance management
  • Succession planning
  • Talent management initiatives
  • Reward strategy
  • Staff Engagement surveys
  • TUPE
  • Trade union recognition
  • Attendance on recruitment panels
  • Employer branding
  • Exit interview and turnover analysis
  • Complex casework

The cost is fixed at £2,200pa (plus VAT) with no charge for travel.
*maximum of 3 visits per annum

We anticipate that this offering will pay for itself, as one or two well executed strategic plans can lead to a reduced turnover, smoother succession into senior roles, a reduction in the number of vacancies that need to be re-advertised and a more engaged workforce who are committed to staying with the organisation. This is particularly important, as the average price of recruiting for just one role has been estimated recently at £30,614 taking into account lost output, advertising fees and time.