Date updated: Friday 13th August 2021

There are substantial changes to Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) this year, which will apply from 1 September 2021. As Annex G is a table of the substantive changes, we will not repeat them in full. Instead, a brief summary is set out below:

  • Who is this guidance for? There are changes to who should read / receive a copy of particular Parts of KCSIE.
  • Part 1: Safeguarding information for all staff. In particular, there are changes as to what staff should be aware of and look out for, including peer on peer abuse; child criminal or sexual exploitation; the risk of online abuse; the sharing of nudes; and mental health concerns.
  • Part 2: The management of safeguarding. There are substantial changes to  Part 2. This includes changes to emphasise the need for a whole school approach to safeguarding; strengthened systems that should be in place; added information that schools should include in their child protection policy; clarity about powers to hold and use information; emphasis on online safety, including the importance of training for staff and what children should be taught; new paragraphs regarding safeguarding requirements when letting / hiring the school land; and new paragraphs regarding elective home education.
  • Part 3: Safer recruitment. The DfE states that the whole of Part 3 has been substantively restructured to align it with the recruitment process, but that the legal duties have not changed. It provides various clarifications, including when certain checks should be carried out.
  • Part 4: Allegations made against / concerns raised in relation to teachers, including supply teachers, other staff and contractors. This Part has been separated into two sections: the first for allegations that may meet the threshold, and the second for allegations / concerns that do not (i.e. low-level concerns). Further information is provided in relation to handling either type of allegation.
  • Part 5: Child on child sexual violence and harassment. There is updated information in this Part, including in relation to responding to and managing a report, and supporting a victim or someone who has made allegations. This Part should be read alongside the separate updated DfE ‘Sexual violence and sexual harassment’ advice.
  • Annexes: New information and guidance has been added. This includes (at Annex A) a new condensed version of Part 1 of KCSIE – it can be provided (instead of Part 1) to those staff who do not directly work with children, if the governing body or proprietor think it will provide a better basis for those staff to promote the welfare and safeguard children.