Update: the 2018 pay award for teachers and school leaders

Every year, the government publishes its evidence to the School Teachers’ Review Body (“STRB”) in relation to how the pay award for the following academic year should apply to teachers and school leaders. It provides the evidence to support the STRB’s consideration of the next academic year’s pay award and includes evidence on the teacher labour market and affordability.

In February 2018, the government published its evidence to the STRB about the pay award for the 2018 to 2019 academic year. The document can be found here.

The majority of the document sets out statistics (and therefore the evidence) relating to funding for schools; teacher recruitment and retention; routes into teaching; and school leaders.

In terms of the government’s recommendations to the STRB, the pay award recommendations are similar to last year, and the guidance on ‘Applying the 2018 pay award’ is also recognisable.

Last year, as you will be aware, the government’s response to the STRB’s report was to accept the recommendation for an uplift of 2% to the minima and maxima of the main pay range and a 1% uplift to all other classroom teacher and leadership pay ranges and allowances. It reiterated its expectation that it should be for schools themselves to decide the extent to which any uplift to pay ranges and allowances within the national pay framework will apply to their teachers.

In terms of applying the 2018 pay award, the government’s view is that a similar approach to last year should be taken, namely that it will be for schools to use their autonomy and set out in their pay policies how they intend to deal with any proposed uplifts to the national framework.

The document says that, in making its recommendations this year, the STRB should consider how best to target uplifts to the pay ranges and allowances to best support schools with recruitment and retention.

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