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Collaborative Law

Discussion and resolution, not conflict

When you separate, life is hard enough but using the collaborative process can make the process  less confrontational, benefiting not only yourself but also your family.

We have a team of 5 collaboratively trained lawyers who are all experts at handling the legal aspects of relationship breakdowns  We take a family-focused approach that encourages you and your partner to find the best solution and prioritising any children you may have.

This gives you more control over the outcome and is less confrontational than if you were to take the conventional approach of court proceedings.

What is Collaborative Law?

You and your partner both appoint a specifically trained lawyer and you all meet together to work things out face to face.  When you commit to the collaborative process, you commit to using a process that helps you to focus on what is best for you all as a family.  You are obliged to use other solicitors if you are unable to agree a way forward and wish to dispute aspects of your case through the courts and you are therefore able to consider options and solutions without the threat of court proceedings.  However, you are supported through the process by an experienced solicitor who is able to provide advice where appropriate and can involve other experts in the process such as accountants, financial advisors and counsellors.

Resolving issues together

Our collaborative lawyers can help you with:

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