Charity Essentials - May 2021

Amending governing documents – coming changes

The last edition of Essentials reported on the Government response to the Law Commission’s recommendations on charity law. The Law Commission’s focus was on technical issues in charity law which hamper charities, chief amongst these being the assorted rules for amendment of governing documents. Against the backdrop of the last 12 months, the Law Commission’s words in its 2017 report have a prophetic quality, “with the passage of time, new needs will arise and unforeseen eventualities will occur, requiring charities to amend their governing documents to ensure their continuing effectiveness.”

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What might the future hold for charity land transactions?

On 22 March 2021, the Government published its response to the Law Commission report on “Technical Issues in Charity Law” (the Report). 

The Report was first published on 14 September 2017 and made 43 recommendations, the impact of which could have a wide-reaching effect.  

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The future is digital – data protection in the charity sector

Surges in demand for community services, drops in fundraising income, cutbacks to staff, and the widespread cancellation of events – just some of the constant stream of crises that many charities have grappled with over the past year. Every challenge leaves room for opportunity however, and the charity sector is nothing if not innovative.

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From Procurement to Partnership: improving services through effective collaboration - E3M Toolkit Launch Webinar

This webinar will be of particular interest to Local authority leaders and cabinet members, Senior local authority executives and officers, Leaders in other local public bodies, Social enterprises, charities and other social sectors working with local public bodies.

With practical case studies, expert commentary and discussion, the webinar will mark the launch of E3M’s new, practical toolkit for commissioners, to help guide them on a journey from procurement to partnership.

To book or for more information please click here.

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Virtual Charity Training: The essential trustee and governance in practice - 13.05.2021

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