Education Bulletin - May 2019

Welcome to the May 2019 edition of the Stone King Education Bulletin

In this month's edition:

  • Children’s Commissioner’s report on Gangs: Keeping Kids Safe
  • Full time education is under threat? What decisions can schools make about the length of their school day or week?
  • Healthcare Outside EHCPs.
  • Updates to the Governance Handbook
  • SEN Funding: Can it be challenged by schools?
  • ‘It’s Just Banter’ - Does it Matter?
  • Brief alerts May 2019
Children’s Commissioner’s report on gangs: Keeping Kids Safe

Anne Longfield (Children’s Commissioner for England) published an in-depth report this February looking at children who are members of, or at risk of being exploited by, gangs. The report urges schools to be attentive to the risk factors that make children vulnerable to gang membership and their safeguarding responsibilities with respect to those children.

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Full time education is under threat? What decisions can schools make about the length of their school day or week?

Full time education is under threat, according to many reports. What should schools know about their obligations in making decisions about educational provision; and what are they?

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Healthcare Outside EHCPs.

Children may have an Individual Health Care Plans (IHCP) if they have a medical condition and/or an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) if they have special educational needs (SEN). Children can also be assessed for a ‘continuing care plan’ where they have ongoing medical conditions. Some schools are currently facing an issue as to who should be held accountable for funding additional healthcare needs in school outside an EHCP. So how do these provisions relate to each other and to the funding demands on schools to support children?

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Updates to the Governance Handbook

The DfE recently published an update to its governance handbook (the “Handbook”), which provides information about the role, responsibilities and legal duties of governing bodies in maintained schools, academies and multi academy trusts.

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SEN Funding: can it be challenged by schools?

In many parts of the country SEN funding is in crisis and some Local Authorities (LAs) are bracing themselves against legal challenges by parents. This article reflects on how schools can best navigate the SEN funding legal and policy framework.

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‘It’s Just Banter’ - Does it matter?

Along with ‘political correctness gone mad’ one all-to-often-heard phrase is ‘you can’t say anything nowadays’. When and how can banter give risk to a legal claim, and what should schools do to police that risk?

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Brief Alerts May 2019
  • Funding Problem Creating Legal Issues
  • Sex and Relationships Education
  • Parental Special Education Advice
  • Referrals Increase
  • Guidance
  • Cases
  • Discrimination Against Head Teacher
  • Head Teacher’s Failure
  • And Finally....

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