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Join us for this topical session as part of our charity training programme. This session will look at an introduction to Data Protection Compliance by our Information Law expert, Paula Williamson.

  • The data protection landscape for charities under the UK GDPR, EU GDPR and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR).
  • Why does data protection compliance matter to a charity and how does this impact charity trustees?
  • What are our Charity’s key data protection obligation’s and how do we keep on top of compliance?
  • Key data protection risks and challenges for a charity and how to mitigate them.
  • Data breaches: many organisations face enforcement action for data breaches. Charities are not exempt. What data breaches do charities commit and how can they be prevented?
  • How do we effectively manage a data breach to protect our reputation, minimise the likelihood of enforcement action and civil claims? What are our statutory reporting obligations? What is the role of Trustees?
  • How do we achieve a good “data protection culture” and avoid data breaches?
  • “The Data Reform Bill”; yes, UK data protection law is set to change again. What will the proposed changes mean for charities and will “data protection red tape” be reduced?