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Stone King’s Information Law team will take you through key “need to know” data protection compliance issues arising out of “EdTech”, contractual relationships with Processors and the Children’s Code (Age Appropriate Design Code).

Covering questions like:

  • What is the Children’s Code (Age Appropriate Design Code); what does it demand and does it apply to us?
  • EdTech and suppliers; the data protection issues compliance checklist.
    • e.g. what should the contract contain to comply with UK GDPR? Where are the tripwires? What if our supplier wants to re-use our personal data for “development” purposes? Our processor hosts/transfers our data outside the UK, what do I need to know? What due diligence does UK GDPR require me to take before I sign on the dotted line (and how little can I get away with ?) What if our Processor has a data breach?
  • Privacy documentation for pupils and students; how do me make it “age appropriate” and in the spirit of the “Age Appropriate Design Code” as required by the ICO?