Date updated:

Imminent Parliamentary approval is expected for the new School Admissions Code (which will apply from 1 September 2021).

We have already examined the variations Admissions Authorities, including Academy Trusts, need to make to ensure their 2021-22 and 2022-23 Admission Arrangements are compliant with the new School Admissions Code 2021. Following this, we will examine the changes to the new Code in more detail and put them in the context of Schools’ and Academies’ overall Admissions Arrangements and their determination processes. This will include a consideration of: 

  • Previously Looked After Children
  • Published Admissions Number
  • Oversubscription Criteria
  • Determination
  • Supplementary Information Forms
  • Allocating places – Keeping records
  • Children of UK Service Personnel and Crown Servants
  • Co-ordination (late applications)
  • In-Year Admission
  • Children who have been excluded twice/display challenging behaviour
  • Fair Access Protocol

This Webinar will allow Admission Authorities ample time to consider the new Code before the 6 week consultation period for any proposed changes to their 2023-2024 Admission Arrangements, which must take place between 1 October 2021 and 31 January 2022.