Beyond Brexit: What transport companies need to know

This article appears in Bus & Coach Buyer’s latest issue.

While many people are happy to give their opinions on Brexit, there’s one area when they are less than forthcoming.

That area is, of course, the actual facts on how Brexit will affect businesses.

Little wonder then that experts are needed to help bring some clarity to an uncertain situation.

After all, you may wonder just how Brexit will affect the coach and bus industry and how exiting the EU will change employing migrant workers.

There are also potential changes in driver licensing, not to mention creating and running European tours.

Add to this negotiating port customs, as well as new documents that will need to be understood, and it’s clear businesses need to understand the impact in order to stay ahead of the curve.

“The question of what Brexit means for EU nationals living in the UK has been broadly answered by plans proposed by the UK Government,” says Julie Moktadir, an immigration expert for national law firm Stone King.

“Whilst Parliament is yet to give its approval, there are not expected to be objections and the proposals give some clarity about the immediate future for millions of EU citizens currently living in the UK.

“This transitional scheme will run from 29 March 2019 until 31 December 2020 and involves two types of status, Settled and Pre-settled.
“From 1 July 2021 all EU citizens living in the UK will need to have applied for and hold one status or the other.”

Julie, a senior associate at Stone King’s Cambridge office, will be speaking at the Beyond Brexit: Moving People conference on Thursday, October 4 at the Volvo Theatre in Warwick. Among other topics, she’ll be explaining further about the different statuses, and when these can be refused.

Peter Woodhouse, Head of Stone King’s business sector, has been assisting clients in employment matters since he qualified in 1991 and is regarded as a leader in the transport sector.

He will be speaking at the conference on employment issues, including the drafting of contractual rights and also terminating contracts for non-compliance.

Other speakers include Kurt Janson from the Tourism Alliance and Chris Yarsley from the Freight Transport Association.

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