Church Times publishes article by Partner Lee Coley following the Lament to Action report

Lee’s article examines the legal steps the Church needs to take following publication of the much-awaited report.

“Along with the will for change, it is interesting to consider legally what can and should be done,” says Lee, who is Registrar and legal adviser to the Bishop and Diocese of Leicester and the Diocese of Bristol.

“Of course, change has to be driven from the highest levels, and the onus to implement change lies with the leadership within the Church: the House of Bishops, the General Synod, and the national church institutions.

“It is worth noting, though, that the Church has a diffused pattern of authority, meaning that change cannot be compelled, unless the General Synod changes the law. That said, there are opportunities to tackle racial injustice and under-representation locally without change to the legal framework.

 “A good first step that dioceses might consider is to ensure a more representative membership across synodical government and broader diocesan bodies, such as cathedral chapters, governing bodies, and boards of directors of church schools and academy trusts.”

The Church Times article can be read in full here.

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