Driving without a valid MOT following lockdown: the penalties

The six-month lockdown extension for MOTs comes to an end on 1 August, with drivers warned they could face financial penalties if they drive without a valid MOT.

The extension was brought in for vehicles whose MOTs were due from March 2020, with lockdown meaning motorists were unable to get their cars tested.

But, with the extension now ending, motorists are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that their vehicles are roadworthy.

The current fine for driving without a MOT is up to £1,000, however if your car receives a dangerous classification but continues to be driven the penalty is up to £2,500 plus three points or even a ban.

Being charged with a motoring offence can have a significant impact on your life and career.

If you have been charged with a motoring offence, Stone King’s Motoring Team can provide guidance and help.

For more information please visit our Motoring Law page


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