Thursday 6th June 2024

Stone King is proud to be the first law firm accrediting with Citizens UK as a Voter Registration Champion.

The UK Parliamentary General Election, to be held on 4 July, is an important opportunity to engage in democracy. As the Electoral Commission states, there is a “‘feel-good’ factor of participating in democracy”.

Alison Allen, Chair of Stone King said: “As part of its commitment to good citizenship, Stone King is proud to be the first law firm accrediting with Citizens UK as a non-partisan Voter Registration Champion. A number of the organisations we work with, including education, charities and faith organisations, are all committed to voter registration drives. We feel it is important, as lawyers committed to wider civic engagement, that we also promote engagement with democracy on a non-partisan basis to our people.”

The commitments Stone King has made are as follows:

  • Promote the opportunity to engage with democracy among our people.

  • The Election Act 2022 requires voters to bring eligible photo ID in order to cast their ballot at the polling station, even if they are registered to vote. Stone King will provide information about the Voter ID requirements to all our people ahead of the deadline, including how to obtain a voter authority certificate.

  • Remind all Stone King people about the election date and enable individuals to take time off to vote on election day (4 July).

Other law firms or barristers’ chambers who are also interested in signing up to become a Voter Registration Champion can register here. We hope to be joined by others in the legal community.