The school holidays are fast approaching and with them come the challenges of arranging family trips and childcare, a task which can be particularly complicated as separated parents. Rebecca Eels, in Stone King’s Family & Mediation Team, has 8 tips on how to navigate this busy time so that both parents and children can get the most out of the summer and their time together.

  1. More than ever this is the children’s time to rest and recuperate after a busy year at school, remember they will want to see you both.
  2. Try not to involve the children in making your decisions. The children will not want to upset either of you so will prefer you to make the decisions, not them.
  3. Remember the children love you both and want to spend time with you both. Let them know it’s ok for that to happen.
  4. Stay in touch. If you are taking the children on holiday let the other parent know in advance where you will be, how you will be travelling there, with flight details if necessary, and emergency contact details. When you arrive, let them know you have got there safely and ensure the children can speak to their other parent during the holiday period.
  5. Ensure that arrangements for handing over of passports is done in plenty of time for the holiday and on return. Again, try not to involve the children.
  6. The children may well miss the other parent when they are with you. Let them know that’s ok and that they can ring the other parent when they want.
  7. Respect the other parent’s time with the children, it’s important to the children that they have quality time with both of you.
  8. Above all, enjoy your summer!

If you want to find out more about how Stone King’s Family & Mediation Team could support your family please contact Rebecca Eels.