Julian, a Partner in Stone King’s Charity & Social Enterprise Team, has been asked to speak at the Social Outcomes Conference 2021, organised by the University of Oxford’s Government Outcomes Lab.

The event runs from 9-10 October and Julian will take part in the roundtable session ‘Transforming Public Procurement?’ on the conference’s opening day, which will be chaired by Michael Bowsher QC from Monckton Chambers.

Julian has also been asked to contribute to the session at 9am the following day on the topic of new social outcomes model contracts.

“As a public benefit lawyer I am delighted to offer a practical perspective on improving public service social outcomes,” said Julian.

“By working together and sharing best-practice and innovative ideas we can really enhance collaborative working between public authorities and purpose-driven providers to the benefit of the communities they both serve.”

The conference will bring together the most recent, cutting-edge academic research with an applied, real-world focus.

Participants will be able to engage in vibrant exchanges between both policymakers, practitioners and academics from around the world, each with their own experience and insights on improving social outcomes. 

This year's conference has five key themes:

  • Outcomes-based contracting
  • Outcomes orientation
  • Measuring outcomes and value for money
  • Procurement and social value
  • Government, business and civil society collaboration in places

The themes are all underpinned by a single core question: how can government combine its multiple roles – sometimes as provider, funder, facilitator, and regulator – to support activity which improves social outcomes?

Other key speakers include Professor Joseph Stiglitz from Columbia University, Dr Dambisa Moyo from the Chevron Corporation, Condé Nast and the 3M Company, Professor Karthik Ramanna Blavatnik School of Government and Professor Philip McCann, Sheffield University Management School.

Further information about the conference, including the programme and speakers, is available here.