Mother’s Day, like Christmas, birthdays or school holidays, can be a difficult occasion for separated parents. Children will want to spend time with their mother on Mother’s Day and a separation will not change anything about the significance of the day, however it can lead to the usual routine becoming disrupted and sometimes conflict in agreeing any changes.

On special days, separated parents should make every effort to try and be flexible with arrangements, this may mean altering the current child arrangements in order to allow their children to spend time with the parent whose day it is. Plan ahead and decide the arrangements for the special day in plenty of time, if alterations are needed.

Gifts are often part and parcel of Mother’s Day, even if the gift is something small. Encourage your children to put together a gift such as a card or a handmade painting or drawing. This can be challenging if the separation is recent and your feeling upset and hurt but try to remind yourself that it is important for your children to have healthy and close relationships with both parents. Encourage them to celebrate their mother.

The breakdown of a relationship can often result in difficulties in making arrangements for the children to see their parent. It is important to take advice so that problems can be overcome quickly – please do get in touch if you would like any advice or support. Stone King LLP has a team of experienced mediators and family lawyers. Please call 01225 337 599 if require any assistance.