Stone King holds free mediation information sessions to help separating couples

Stone King is offering free information sessions as part of Family Mediation Week.

The awareness week takes place from January 18-22, and aims to highlight the invaluable process that helps couples separate and divorce as amicably as possible, whilst considering the needs of any children.

The voluntary process helps couples work out arrangements for their children, consider how they can ensure their children remain feeling loved, as well as being able to have a positive relationship with both their parents.  As part of this process, Stone King has mediators who are also able to meet children to help them to talk about their thoughts and feelings in a confidential environment.

Mediation also helps separating couples reach agreement in relation to the division of their finances, including on complex financial situations.

“Mediation is such an important process for separating couples and their children,” said Caroline Fell, a Partner in the Family & Mediation Team.

“By remaining impartial we are able to make sure all voices are heard, which is so important when it comes to reaching a decision.

“Mediation helps take some of the emotion out of what can be a very difficult process, and so helps not only the couple themselves but also any children who may otherwise get caught up in their parents’ feelings.

“As decisions and issues are usually able to be resolved, it helps save money which may otherwise be spent on costly legal fees.”

Mediators are impartial, with their role being to explore the options available and consider ways of reaching agreement amicably both in relation to any children but also their finances.

To book please contact Tracy Roseblade on 01225 337599 or email

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