Stone King has hosted a webinar launching a new online toolkit to assist local and other public authorities to work collaboratively with social enterprises, charities and community organisations, in designing and delivering innovative public services.

A part of the 10-year E3M Project which brings together UK leaders in social enterprise and commissioning, the Procurement to Partnership Toolkit outlines key principles for reforming current approaches to commissioning and delivering public services. Co-authored by Stone King partner Julian Blake, the interactive toolkit provides practical resources for users and highlights pioneering collaborations between public authorities and local service delivery organisations.

Over 150 delegates heard case studies on award-winning innovations from Oldham and Plymouth Councils.

Julian, who joined an expert panel of speakers including Baroness Hilary Armstrong, Chair of the House of Lords’ Public Services Committee, and Chris Wright, CEO of Stone King and E3M partner Catch22, said, Julian said, “A range of methods are needed to reform public service commissioning and replace market and profit driven competition in their procurement. It is essential that social value, shared purpose and vision should be at the heart of collaborations between public authorities and community sector organisations who should be embraced as the dedicated partners in the delivery of local services they are and have shown themselves to be throughout the pandemic crisis.”  

Jonathan Bland, Managing Director, Social Business International for E3M - publishers of the influential The Art of the Possible in Public Procurement which was co-authored by Julian - added, “Developing the toolkit has been a partnership in itself. It is great to count on the expertise of Julian Blake of Stone King, who has been so active in promoting the full range of progressive measures that can be used in and beyond the public procurement regulations to organise public services in a way that moves people from focusing on process to purpose.”

In addition to accessing toolkit resources, users can get answers to technical issues and sign up to bulletins and upcoming webinars. Procurement to Partnership is live at