Stone King is pleased to support the Love Our Colleges Week of Activity

Love Our Colleges Week of Activity, runs from Monday 13 May to Friday 17 May. The week aims to highlight the work colleges in England which collectively educate and train 2.2 million people every year.

During the week colleges are holding events and inviting local business partners to see the skills they help bring to the community. The campaign also wants to see the Chancellor ensuring meaningful and sustainable investment of colleges in the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Tom Morrison, Partner and Head of Further Education at Stone King, has written a blog: 'Love Our Colleges. Stone King Does.' in support of the campaign. Commenting on the Week of Activity, Tom said: “I am privileged to work closely with a wide range of colleges throughout the country which allows me to see first-hand the brilliant work they do in helping students to improve their and their families’ life opportunities. I would encourage all employers to take a moment to read my blog and consider adding their own voices to the campaign. Colleges are pivotal to the creation of our nation’s future workforce and deserve all our full and public support.”

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