Education publication Tes has published an article by Stone King Associates Danielle Francombe and James Barratt addressing legal issues arising for schools as a result of the end of the legal requirement to self-isolate.

The article answers three main questions, including:

  1. Can you refuse to accept a child into school who has tested positive for COVID?
  2. What do you do if a staff member tests positive but has no symptoms and wants to work?
  3. What happens if a staff member repeatedly says they have COVID-19 but no test to prove it?

Regarding the first question, the article highlights:

“It is important to note that as the situation currently stands, schools will be required to provide remote education to pupils who have been refused access.”

Within its discussion of COVID testing of staff members, the article comments: 

“COVID tests will no longer be free and an employee may raise cost as the reason for not getting tested. Schools could consider having a supply of tests to provide to employees or covering costs directly but there is no obligation on them to do so.”

To read the full article, please go to and the end of self-isolation - 3 key legal issues explained