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December 04, 2012

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Planning what will happen to your estate means your assets will be allocated to your loved ones as you’d like them to be.

Our estate planning and probate experts can help you draft a Will that makes it easier for your executors to pass on your wealth in the most tax-efficient way.

Our estate planning services

Our expertise includes:

  • estate planning
  • writing Wills
  • trust funds
  • inheritance tax
  • tax-free gifts
  • acting as professional executors and trustees
Bespoke estate planning

There’s more to estate planning than writing a Will, so we’ll do an in-depth review of all your assets. We’ll discuss your wishes with you, taking all your circumstances into account.

We’ll also provide specialist advice if you’re not domiciled in the UK or if you hold assets internationally.


A family trust fund can be a useful way to mitigate tax on your wealth and ensure you retain control over your assets. We can advise you on setting up trusts and act as professional trustees if required.

Please visit our Trusts Sections for more information.