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December 07, 2012



How we work with you

We work closely with our clients and their financial advisors to put in place arrangements that comply with tax and charity regulations, whilst supporting the charitable mission and maximising the financial return to the charity. We help you to protect your organisation’s reputation from commercial exploitation.

Charities benefit from numerous tax exemptions and the management of transactional and structural tax risk is as important for charities as it is for commercial businesses. Our charity lawyers combine a technical understanding of the whole range of UK taxes affecting charities (including corporation tax, VAT, SDLT and business rates) with a careful and responsible approach. We work alongside our clients’ financial advisors to ensure that charities achieve the right results from entering into complex arrangements.

Sources of income

Charities and social enterprises depend upon an ever increasing and diverse portfolio of income sources. These include:

  • traditional fund raising methods
  • legacy campaigns
  • commercial relationships with businesses and professional fundraisers
  • setting up charity trading subsidiaries
  • engaging with alternative funding streams such as social finance

There is also significant delivery by charities and social enterprises of public services for central and local government which can involve a need for understanding procurement and state aid regulations.