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December 07, 2012

Regulatory, Tribunals, Inquests

Regulatory, Tribunals, Inquests

Our team of defence solicitors can represent you in court on a wide range of criminal offences and regulatory breaches.

Helping you with court appearances

As criminal law experts, we can help defend you if you’ve received a court summons for a trial, both in magistrates’ courts and Crown Courts. We can also help if you’re looking to prosecute or need your case looked into further.

Our professional regulation service includes:

  • representation before tribunals and committees
  • appeals and judicial reviews (including High Court, Court of Appeal and Privy Council)
  • representation for regulatory prosecution including Health & Safety, Environmental, Trading Standards and Office of Fair Trading (OFT)
  • independent case investigation
  • advising tribunals and committees
  • consultancy and training on all aspects of regulatory work, including drafting procedures.

Whatever you’ve been accused of, our solicitors will guide you through the proceedings and keep you informed of what’s happening throughout.