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January 29, 2013

International Clients

International Clients

Buying a property in England can prove challenging for many overseas buyers who are unfamiliar with UK property law and our taxation system for property ownership.

Whether you are looking to relocate and make England your home, or are buying property here as an investment, you need expert advice from solicitors who are experienced in these issues.

Stone King's property and taxation solicitors have extensive experience assisting overseas residents purchase residential property in London, Cambridge and Bath.

Our specialist team will provide you with a first-class personal and commercially-focused service, which goes beyond the pure property elements of a purchase.

We work closely with dedicated property buying agents and can introduce you to them, to help you search for and find the right house or apartment. Our conveyancing solicitors work closely with our taxation solicitors to advise overseas individuals, companies and trusts on the most tax-efficient structures for property ownership here.

The property team also works closely with our family team to protect any financial investment from parents to purchase a property in England for their children in the event that their children go on to marry or cohabit with partners.