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February 01, 2013

School Community

School Community

You need clear policies and formal procedures in place so that everyone in a school community clearly understands their rights and obligations. In some cases, there is a statutory requirement for a policy. We help you develop and implement those policies and procedures. We can also provide robust and time-saving advice in resolving the disputes that inevitably will arise.  We understand that the competing interests of students, parents and staff need to be handled with both sensitivity and care, but also that ultimately the governors and staff are entitled to make decisions and run their school and our advice will be geared to secure this.

In particular we can assist you with:

  • School registration and attendance
  • Child Protection and Pastoral Care
  • Relationships with other public agencies such as Social Services and the Police
  • School Trips and other Extra-Curricular activities
  • Practical advice on information management and disclosure that is subject to Data Protection and Freedom of Information legislation
  • Extended schools and other community relationships, including Early Years Provision and the siting of other community resources on school sites

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