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May 17, 2013

Children Matters

Children Matters

When a relationship breaks down, most parents wish the needs of their children to come first. We believe that the most important factor for a child’s future wellbeing is to be protected from conflict between the parents. Emotions often run high and sometimes parents can find it hard to set aside their own interests and this can lead to confusion over what is in the child’s interests. Stone King’s Bath based specialist family lawyers provide you with the necessary support and expertise in this area. 

Our mediators are also able to work with you both as parents and in some circumstances meet with your children for child inclusive mediation. We will encourage you to come to solutions that enable you to co-parent and work together.  We will help you to hear your child’s voice and encourage you to listen to that when making decisions.

Our focus is on finding solutions through discussion and negotiation but, where a more formal approach is required, we are able to guide and assist through Family Court proceedings whilst keeping the needs of the child in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

We are able to help with the following:

  • arrangements as to where your children are to live and the time that they spend with their parents
  • applications for Court orders, to include Child Arrangement Orders, specific issue and prohibited steps orders
  • parental responsibility
  • removal from the jurisdiction (where one parent wishes to relocate abroad)
  • internal relocation (where one parent wishes to move to another area of the country)
  • issues where a fact finding might be needed

Our team of family lawyers include practising mediators, mediators qualified to speak to children, accredited collaborative specialists and children panel members.