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January 23, 2017



We are proud of our association with armed forces’ charities and other charities working with ex-Servicemen and women.

We are familiar with the governance and operational dynamics in armed forces’ charities, including where ex-officio trustees take on their role as part of other service responsibilities. We have often been able to assist by simplifying charity structures where there are overlapping responsibilities, and strengthening overall charity governance. 

Charities working with ex-Servicemen and women are very much in the public eye, especially where they have high profile supporters. We have worked with many such charities to ensure their governance and activities operate to the highest standards. 

Our work with military charities has included:

  • Restructuring charities with overlapping activities so funds are used to best effect
  • Reviewing governance and introducing changes to strengthen operations
  • Changing charity governing documents to cater for regimental changes
  • Advising on the best way to hold military collections and paraphernalia
  • Incorporation of unincorporated charities 
  • Changing charity objects to cater for emerging needs of veterans
  • Advising on project work and collaborations with other charities and agencies
  • Advising on fundraising including relationships with corporate supporters