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June 15, 2017

Converting to an Academy

Converting to an Academy

If you are a maintained school thinking about an academy conversion, we are well equipped to take you through the step by step process to ensure a successful conversion.

We understand what is involved as we did the first academy conversion in 2002 and have been working closely with our clients helping them through the process ever since, having now worked on over 1000 academy projects.

We have a deep understanding of the education sector and the capacity to deliver that knowledge quickly when required, when it comes to helping businesses the firm knows client just need to get the job done.

Every new academy is different and we work with you to ensure those involved move as smoothly as possible to academy status.

Our step by step approach:

  • Governance briefing to ensure governors understand what is involved
  • Articles of Association and Funding Agreements
  • Transfer of school land and buildings
  • Employment: Making sure TUPE process runs smoothly
  • Transfer of Assets and Staff (non-land)
  • After Academy Status

We will allocate a specific team to your conversion to ensure you know who you are dealing with, always with a partner in overall charge. We will make sure that we hit your deadlines and those imposed by DfE to ensure that your conversion happens smoothly and on schedule.

We know that schools want clarity and certainty on their legal spend for conversion, and we will always be up front with you on fees, and we will look to give you fixed costs for your conversion wherever possible.