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June 12, 2018

Healthcare & Medical

Healthcare & Medical

Healthcare and the NHS is a fast-changing environment in which charity has an important role to play in the dynamic of the internal market and public/private initiative. We work closely with many organisations in the medical and healthcare sphere – from all perspectives: charitable, social enterprise and for-profit – and understand the importance of expert pragmatic advice to enable organisations to adapt to change and take advantage of new opportunities.

Our work includes advising organisations across the full range of healthcare activity, both traditional and complementary. Our clients include NHS charities, medical charities and not-for profits, professional membership bodies, service providers and research institutes. We advise on the full range of operational matters including legal structures, major projects, joint ventures, commissioning (from commissioner and supplier perspectives), mergers and other collaborations, as well as constitutional and governance issues, trading, safeguarding, fundraising, legacies and appeals.

Examples of our work include:

  • advising a leading research charity in a corporate joint venture with the Medical Research Council and one other charity to create a major new Research Institute;
  • conversion of NHS charities to independent status freed from the constraints applying under the NHS regulatory framework;
  • mergers involving long established medical charities;
  • review and restructuring of funds including  the rationalisation of NHS charity subsidiary funds;
  • advising a major commissioner of services for older people on suitable approaches to commissioning health services, grants and service contracts;
  • advising local service providers, including local Healthwatch bodies, both charitable and for-profit, on suitable structures, including establishing the first Healthwatch to be registered as a charity;
  • sale of a publishing business by a medical charity;
  • CIO incorporation of a membership support charity;