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December 31, 2019

Independent Churches

Independent Churches

We have a long history of work with many different Independent Churches be it new churches being planted in the UK for the first time from overseas “parent” Churches (including examples from the US, Africa and Asia); or new Churches being established from established UK “parent” Churches; or new standalone Churches springing up from a new congregation, or around a particular pastor. This can also include New Churches that are separating out from other established Churches.

We have strong connections with ACAT which provides much support to this group of churches and we are familiar with the issues that apply in particular to this group of churches, often notably the issues relating to appropriate governance/constitutional structures; the housing and support of Pastors/Ministers; immigration issues; and the acquisition of appropriate premises for Worship and mission.

Our works otherwise includes:

  • Constitutional and Governance issues & trustee responsibilities
  • Charitable Status and public benefit
  • Charity Commission investigations
  • Trustee responsibilities
  • Discrimination and Equality issues
  • Employment and HR matters
  • Education advice for Faith schools (state and independent)
  • Safeguarding of children and vulnerable individuals / adults
  • Legacies matters and & fundraising
  • Data protection issues and intellectual property
  • International Matters
  • Health & Safety and Regulatory advice
  • Property acquisition, management & disposal/leasing/management
  • Construction and Development
  • Commercial and Financial matters
  • Canon and Ecclesiastical laws
  • Transferring missions to lay management
  • Mergers
  • Dispute resolution matters
  • Care provision