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January 15, 2020

Indecent Images

Indecent Images

We deal with illegal imagery day in day out. There is a huge amount of stigma but we do need justice and achieve fair outcomes. Privacy and sensitivity is everything. Everyone deserves respect. There is further information available to browse and should you wish to contact us you can be assured of a confidential, impartial and sympathetic approach.

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The law against indecent and prohibited images of children, including photographs, pseudo-photographs, films, and other images, as well as extreme pornography, has developed considerably in recent years and continues to do so. This has been in part to combat technological development and in part as a response of government to challenge socially unacceptable pornography.

Most offenders are wracked with guilt and admit their behaviour, most want help, most don’t want to carry on that cycle of offending. We specialise in working with individuals and organisations who want to ensure safe and healthy on-line behaviour. Some will have committed an offence and some won't, we offer help to all concerned. We collaborate with and trained psychologists, therapists, counsellors, social services, schools, employers, police, probation and families. We make a difference. Reputation and safety go hand in hand.

There is an enormous amount that can be done to help, from therapeutic intervention through to effective representation in the police station and at court. Even in the criminal justice we can explore alternatives to prosecution.

It is illegal to possess, make, distribute, take or produce such material, although what constitutes possession or making of an image is a complicated topic. Likewise distribution, for sentencing purposes, includes possessing images with a view to distributing or sharing them with others.

A person who makes, possesses or distributes an image knowingly and intentionally commits a criminal offence. Your state of mind or state of knowledge is crucial. For example, a person who believes they are downloading legal adult pornography but in which there is illegal imagery of children does not commit a criminal offence.

What can be found on a computer? What does deleted mean? What can an expert find that you can’t? The forensic and technical analysis of hardware and the exploration of material in unallocated clusters, for example, or otherwise beyond the retrieval of a normal user is very much a topic of the expert practitioner.

On these matters, surrounding evidence of a person’s intention is typically central to any police investigation. An analysis of search terms or internet history, as well as highly personal interrogation, will typically form an important part of the process.

The exploration, proactively where appropriate, of all of these topics will be crucial for many people facing such allegations. You may wish to contact us because you are investigating or being investigated or prosecuted or because you are fearful that you might be. We will be able to help. We have dealt with many such cases.

We recognise that for many the primary concern will surround victims. What have you done and are you doing enough? The impact on families will be enormous, Will the press find out and will your case be in the papers? Will anyone go to prison? Who will sign the register and for how long? We can help with all of these matters.

For confidential and impartial advice, please contact us by calling 01225 485700 or email