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August 24, 2023

Charity Commission launches digital service

Charity Commission launches digital service

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Charity Commission launches digital service

The Charity Commission’s new service, My Charity Commission Account, went live at the end of July 2023. It will be the "front door" to the Commission, through which registered charities must submit outstanding annual returns for 2022 and all annual returns for 2023 onwards, as well as engage with the regulator's wider digital services.

Eventually, the Commission plans to use the service to provide charity trustees and contacts with tailored support and information to help them run their charity. Going forward, all the Commission's online services will be available via My Charity Commission Account and charities will not be able to file annual returns through the previous online system. Charities that did not complete their 2022 annual return by Friday 28 July and are part-way through filing it will have to start again using the new service.  The Commission will launch the 2023 annual return in late August 2023 via My Charity Commission Account.

So far, most contacts of registered charities have been emailed with an invite to sign up for the new service. In the coming months, the service will be rolled out to all individual charity trustees. The Commission has issued guidance on setting up a My Charity Commission Account.

For Stone King to be able to file documents, contact the Charity Commission and do other work on your behalf, we will need access to your My Charity Commission Account. Once you have set up your account, we can send you a request for an account from your charity.