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April 08, 2024

Trade Mark Self-Assessment Tool: evaluate your brand's protection status

Trade Mark Self-Assessment Tool: evaluate your brand's protection status

Ensure your brand's protection is up to standard with our Trade Mark Self-Assessment Tool. Designed to help you to evaluate the current status of your brand's trade mark protection, this interactive tool guides you through a series of tailored questions.

It assesses key areas such as your brand's distinctiveness, current usage and potential risks of infringement. By providing insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your trade mark strategy, this tool helps to identify areas where your brand may be vulnerable and offers guidance on improving its protection.

It's an essential resource for businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations seeking to understand their trade mark needs better and to make informed decisions about registration and enforcement. 

If you would like to discuss registering a trade mark or protecting your intellectual property, please contact Gavin Llewellyn.

Gavin has a wealth of expertise in the areas of copyright, design rights, trade marks, passing off, database rights, domain names, image rights and the law of privacy/confidence, as well as the growing area of IP risks arising from the use of social media.

His practice covers a broad range of IP rights with a particular focus on brand and design protection and exploitation and on helping clients deal with contentious issues and business risks related to IP.