John Brownrigg

John Brownrigg is retiring from legal practice to focus on mediation, his passion.

John has a wealth of legal experience and was a Leading Individual - Band 1 - in Chamber's Directory 2015 (Client's Guide to the UK Legal Profession), and Accredited Mediator and Collaborative Lawyer. He was also qualified as a Family Law Arbitrator and member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, but he now focuses on mediation alone.

His role is to help separating and divorcing couples to reduce conflict and explore positive solutions which:

  1. protect family wealth
  2. facilitate co-parenting through and beyond separation.

An Accredited Mediator

As an Accredited Mediator (also qualified to consult with children), John has the depth of experience to impartially assist separating couples to explore options and the reality of those in a constructive way.

What our clients say

"I wish I had known about Stone King during my divorce. Mediation during my divorce was useless. Stone King made me feel for the first time I was being treated fairly. It was impossible to have any mediation with my ex husband until Stone King. They are brilliant and look at both sides in an objective way. It's a unique way of doing mediation that actually works."

Client Satisfaction Survey Feedback

What our clients say

"His light touch and sense of humour really put you at ease."

Chambers - 2010

What our clients say

John Brownrigg provides "calm and consistent advice", and is "kind and considerate".

Legal 500 - 2011

What our clients say

“Clients applaud his dedication to settling cases in a civil and pleasant way”. With one saying "He tried ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and to do things in the calmest way. He was really pleasant and civil with the other side, which was really helpful. I feel very lucky to have found him."

Chambers - 2012

What our clients say

"John Brownrigg is noted for his reassuring manner and experience in family law, wherein he has a particular focus on complex financial disputes. One client describes him as "a hugely experienced person in family law and mediation, with great integrity." He is a trained mediator, collaborative lawyer and arbitrator."

Chambers - 2014

What our clients say

"John Brownrigg primarily focuses upon finance matters, and he is also a qualified mediator, arbitrator and collaborative lawyer. One impressed client notes: He showed an extraordinary grasp of the detail of my situation. He prepared across the board to counter what was coming the other way."

Chambers - 2015

What our clients say

John Brownrigg is ‘a formidable practitioner’.

Legal 500 - 2016

What our clients say

John Brownrigg is noted for his strength in matrimonial finance disputes. Sources say: "John Brownrigg is very much Mr Family Law in Bath. He is someone who knows his stuff and will always roll his sleeves up and resolve things rather than go to litigation."

Chambers - 2016

What our clients say

One client reports: "His input was invaluable."

Chambers - 2017

What our clients say

John Brownrigg is ‘fantastic on collaborative law cases and mediations’, and is a recognised leader in matrimonial finance disputes.

Legal 500 - 2017

What our clients say

John Brownrigg is described by a source as "efficient, meticulous and sharp minded."

Chambers - 2018