Rebecca Eels is a highly experienced family lawyer and mediator having worked in this area of law for over 25 years. Rebecca is widely respected not only for her family law work but also for the mediation work she undertakes with families. Rebecca is an experienced child inclusive mediator, "it is a huge privilege to be able to meet with children when their parents are going through separation.  Hearing the voice of a child is so important and is highly beneficial to parents when making decisions post separation."

Rebecca specialises in complex children cases and complex divorce matters.  She recognises that each family breakdown is different and thus tailors her approach to meet her clients individual needs

Rebecca's professional experience is substantial and covers a wide range of family issues

Rebecca regularly advises on complex children issues, particularly where there may be allegations of domestic abuse, mental health issues or substance/alcohol abuse.

She has a particular interest in cases where there may be issues of implacable hostility, relocation or where cases maybe listed for a fact finding hearing. 

She also has substantial experience in advising on issues where other family members such as grandparents etc are caring for children or are wanting to maintain a relationship with their grandchildren. 

As an experienced, accredited family mediator Rebecca is able to bring her mediation skills into all areas of her family work and recognises how important it is for issues to be resolved amicably.

Rebecca has further particular specialism and expertise in dealing with finances on divorce and regularly advises on matters where there may be high value assets such as large pension funds, businesses or large capital funds.

Having substantial experience in both children and financial matters, Rebecca is able to assist those families where they may have both children and financial issues to resolve, thereby ensuring continuity throughout the course of their separation.

Rebecca is a highly experienced mediator, sitting on the board for the Family Mediators Association and being not only a supervisor of other mediators but she also trained to consult with children. The latter means that not only is she able to meet with the children of the clients she mediates but that she is also able to meet with children of clients who may be meeting with a mediator who is not child inclusive trained.  

Rebecca recognises that not one size fits all when it comes to mediation and legal advice.  She recognises the importance of involving other professionals and in her mediation work she will often encourage the use of lawyers, accountants, financial planners or pension advisors in order to assist her clients.

Rebecca is highly personable and clients welcome her approachable manner and clear advice that she provides.  Rebecca prides herself on providing clients with options so that they leave a meeting with her knowing what their next steps could be.

Rebecca is also highly experienced in providing advice to independent schools, MAT's and single academy trusts on issues concerning family law.  Schools welcome her clear and straightforward advice that enables them to be able to support the children in their care and their parents.  Rebecca regularly is asked to advise education institutions on complex family issues that very often are of an urgent nature.

Rebecca graduated from Bournemouth University with an LLB and then attended University of West England for her Legal Practice Course. She is also a trained collaborative lawyer, family mediator and has a professional qualification enabling her to meet with children and supervise other mediators.

Rebecca sits on the board of the Family Mediators Association and when not in work enjoys ballet, walking and spending time with her family and friends.